Your life isn't what you want it to be.

You're tired, fed up and lost.

You want change, but you've no idea how you're going to make that happen, or even where to start.

It's all too big, too overwhelming.

That's where I come in. 

I've been where you are many times before. I have pulled myself out of the darkness many times, and have learned the tools to do so along the way. I know that fear can make you feel as though your feet are glued to the floor.

The monsters creep in, and a sense of hopelessness creeps up on you.

The best way to tackle fear?


Working with me means you will feel truly amazing, be fired up with motivation, and will have healthier relationships. Allowing me to coach you to happiness will bring you the clarity, confidence and stress relief you deserve! As The Sparkle Coach, I combine my psychic abilities with happiness coaching. In this way, I can help you to gain a better understanding of where you've been and what you're dealing with now, as well as giving you guidance for what's to come next. 



'I was privileged enough and grateful engage in an amazing sparkle coaching session with Katie.  From the very beginning Katie made me feel comfortable and safe and her warm approachable personality made it so easy for me to open up.... what was even more amazing was that Katie set up a Skype session , as I’m in Australia, and arranged a time that suited as both! What I loved most about the session was that there was no judgement, it felt like a chat and getting to know each other season, But there were actions and goals  attached.  It was an extremely liberating, empowering and uplifting session .... it drove me to act immediately.  I feel lighter, gave more direction and HAPPY!  Would highly recommend Katie and this session!'- Maria Pansini


'Through sparkle coaching I have been able to define areas of my life that needed improvement but I didn’t have a clue where to begin! Katie’s kind and empathetic approach has helped my gain clarity and I’ve been able refocus my mind and I have set wheels in motion to change things that no longer benefit me and already I feel happier and planning for the future! I would recommend sparkle coaching to anyone, my only regret is I didn’t do it sooner!'- Louise Byrne


'Katie is amazing! After just one sparkle coaching session Katie helped me feel so much better and positive about myself and my future happiness.  Katie is very kind, caring and showed compassion and understanding while working with  me, she also gave lots of really good and helpful advice to help me move forward.  I am so grateful for Katie’s help and gained so much from her, she truly is an amazing lady and I would highly recommend her.'- Kari Dorey

By allowing me to work with you, you can:

  • Gain real clarity on what you want in your life
  • Get control of stress and anxiety by getting to grips with your negative thinking
  • Design a life that works for your body, mind and soul to bring you real happiness
  • Create goals to make your dreams a reality that are achievable and measurable
  • Understand why you see things the way you do, and the reasions behind certain behaviours
  • Start to truly love yourself, and feel positive about your future
  • Move from fear and doubt to a place of empowerment 

You deserve to be living a life that brings you true happiness, and aloowing me to help coach you can make significant steps to making that your truth. Sound good?

A 90 minute sparkle coaching session via Skype costs £40. This will allow you to identify the key areas in your life that are giving you stress right now, and how you can flip things around to move to a more positive place. We will not only look at the issues in depth to give you a real understanding of them, but we will also work at creating achievable goals for you to start putting into place right away. I will also give you a tarot reading to establish what's in store for you as you move forward to a happier future. These sessions are available to people right across the world, and we will organise a time slot to suit us both. Once the session is over, I will type up the notes taken and email them to you so that you have a record to work towards. I will also contact you 7 days after your session to see how you are getting on and if you need anymore support.

Further sessions can be booked after the initial happiness coaching time with me. Or, you can book a block of up to 6 sessions straight away, so we can work at making every area of your life better in a focused and detailed way together. Contact me if you're interested in a block booking. 

To book a happiness coaching session with me, fill out the form below and send the payment via the PayPal button.

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Happiness Coaching

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