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The Happiness Lady



I am a monthly contributor to the UK magazines, Soul & Spirit and Chat It's Fate. I have also contributed to RRB Magazine, and had articles published in Kindred Spirit magazine. I am proud to be a  contributor of a piece in the best selling book, Answers from Heaven by Theresa Cheung and Claire Broad.

Winner of the Best Spiritual Book in the Soul & Spirit Awards 2017 for Chasing Rainbows.

Psychic + Angel Worker


I have given hundreds of readings since 2010, using a combination of my own psychic abilities, the Tarot and angel oracle cards. I can offer you guidance and insight into any problem you may be currently facing, as well as showing you what may be in store for you in the future. I have a strong connection to the angels, and use this to help bring help wherever I can to those in need.



I have two online courses that can help you develop on your spiritual path. The Connecting with the Angels and Psychic Development courses can be done via distance learning and at your own pace. Not only this, but you will have my help and support every step of the way. 

I am also a motivational speaker who has spoke at Gaia Rose's Awakening Women event on International Women's Day, and at Inspiral Group in Cambridge

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Katie Oman


"Thank you for all the guidance/readings these 2 years, you are a star!!  Whoever requires guidance on any issues, Kate is the go-to person."- Rita Lim

"This is one of the most life changing experiences I've ever had! I've had my cards read by various people in the past but no one compares to this wonderfully talented, inspirational woman! I didn't disclose any information prior or during but every single thing was spot on! If I could use one word to sum up my experience it would be magical! She truly is gifted. Couldn't recommend this lovely lady enough!"- Selina Forrest

" Katie is phenomenal! I was very skeptical on meeting a psychic because it kind of creeped me out that they know you just based off of your energy! Well I grew a pair and let the universe guide me giving me hints everyday telling me to go to Katie (due to her posts popping up on my explore page on Instagram). I finally emailed Katie and set up a healing session and every reading she had to offer (literally every reading!! Yes I went all out for my first time). We via Skyped, since we are in two different time zones, for my healing session. That session was very intense, emotional, and eye opening for me and changed me in ways that I’m so so grateful for. She has helped me feel rejuvenated and ready to reveal my true authentic self to the world, since my true self had been caged up for years! Ever since then I have been happier, healthier, free, vocal, and more aware of my feelings, thoughts, who I surround myself with, and most importantly energies that come in my presence! That healing session changed my life entirely. I have and still am coming to her when things get rough in my life and ask for guidance. I recommend Katie because she gives you answers that are a guidance for you to begin a beautiful journey in your life. If you haven’t gone to a psychic I promise you, you won’t regret meeting with Katie! She is most definitely worth it and your worth knowing what changes you can make in your life to be the best possible version of yourself you can be!"- Kylie Brown