Rise is a women's empowerment event that sees phenomenal women share their stories. To speak, express and be their truth. To explain, not only the challenges they have been through, but how they have overcome them. Rise is a place of connection, love, sisterhood and inspiration. At a time where the world feels more unstable than ever, it is vital that women come together and realise just how phenomenal they are.


Rise is for all women, of every age, race and belief. It is for women who feel lost in their own lives. Who struggle to know their truth worth. Who sense that they aren't quite living their best lives but don't know how to turn things around. Rise if for women who seek to make real connections with other women and come together in strength and love.


The #metoo and #timesup movements were the catalysts that started helping women to rise and gain the equality that has been long overdue. But...

This time of rising has triggered many fears of not being good enough and having nothing special to offer for many women, and this breaks my heart. It is time for women to see how just how incredible they are AS they are!

When we stop tearing ourselves and each other down, we can come together in sisterhood to help each other ris



TIME: 2:00PM- 5:00PM


Meet my speakers

Leanne Marie



Leanne Marie is an Intuitive Counsellor, Oracle & Angel Card Reader & Published Poet from Norwich. She is very creative, has a love of Personal-Development and Spirituality.  With her personal background of childhood trauma, abuse, people-pleasing and self sabotage, she has been on her own self healing journey and is very passionate about sharing her experiences to help and inspire others to heal themselves and create a life that aligns with their heart and soul.

Sarah Vine


 Sarah is a Inspirational Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Energy Alchemist and Healer.

From awakening as a young child, Sarah has been on her own spiritual and personal development journey ever since.

Taking a leap of faith in 2008 and training professionally, she has gone on to help thousands of Earth Angel and Light Workers recognise and understand themselves better over the last decade with her free report and facebook support group. Known as the Healer of the Healers', she has worked with people from all over the world. 

In 2014 she created the Earth Angel Sanctuary as a way to deepen her work with others and herself whilst her children were babies. In 2018, she was on ITV's This Morning with Holly and Phil plus featured in the Daily Mail Femail Magazine talking about Earth Angels.

A Spiritual Teacher however forever a student, Sarah is embracing her deepest journey yet, of total self love and acceptance as she continues to support, inspire and empower others to do the same.


Ruth Bennett


 Ruth was a Professional Dancer and now works with students with learning difficulties as her full time employment, but you will also see her acting in TV, films and theatre. In mid life Ruth discovered and embraced her spiritual side, especially as an empath, and now reads Tarot as well as Angelic Healing working both alongside crystals. Ruth was asked to support Norfolk Says No campaign against DV and wrote a play about it called No More. This was taken up by the National Magistrates as part of their training for DV awareness and has won awards for service to the community. She’s working on the next part of her life being the best and is in the process of writing a screen play!

Debbie Edwards


Debbie is a self-employed gardener and is quite handy with a sewing machine as well!  After dealing with trigeminal neuralgia and breast cancer she uses her experiences to encourage, uplift, support and inspire anyone who maybe struggling.  Her aim is to raise awareness of issues such as mental health and encourage people to be the best version of themselves they can be!  https://www.facebook.com/Paws-and-plants-1168060769912013 


Selina Banthorpe


 Selina  is a glamorous new age hippy, that wants nothing more, than to help empower women.  She is a hyper sensitive, empathic woman & spreads love and laughter wherever she can. She has trained as a person centred counsellor & worked with trauma victims to help them love again.  

 She will be touching on her past experiences with domestic abuse and her struggle with mental illnesses, in particular Body Dysmorphia.

Listen to how she overcame her traumas, the tools she cultivated and developed over time. Ensuring, not only did she overcome these obstacles but she awakened the ability to manifest the life she loved. Listen to her story and learn how to believe everything happens for you, not to you as she passes on her life hacks.

Charlie Mitchell


 Charlie Mitchell has been a professional coach, facilitator and all round good egg for over 15 years.   However, massive tragedy stuck her personal life in 2017 and her world turned upside down in a moment. Up against some really challenging situations, she learned a lot of valuable life lessons in a short space of time.  She is here to share her story of going through the unimaginable and the healing journey she undertook to put her life back together, for her own sake and for the sake of her children.  “Whatever happens, there is a part of us deep inside that is unbroken, that is whole, complete and free. When we connect with that part of ourselves regularly we can survive unimaginable challenges and heal the deepest pain.” 

Clare Curtis


 Clare Curtis is a healer and founder of #Mothers Supporting Mother’s community.  Clare empowers women in pregnancy and motherhood and openly shares her own experiences as a child and in motherhood to inspire and encourage more women to heal and grow despite the challenges we may have to process. 

Lauren Love


 Intuitive Healer, Hypnotherapist, Speaker & Writer

Lauren‘s mission is to Awaken you to Your Divinity and unleash Your Inner Light.

Lauren loves to see people rise free from traumas, addictions, limiting habits and outdated belief systems.

Creator of Awaken your Inner Light Meditations and Healing Journeys.

Lauren is writing a series of children’s books with positive and empowering messages to inspire our little ones to live healthy, happy and harmonious lives 

Sonia-Jane Acheson


 Sonia-Jane Acheson is an Energy Inquisitive.
Everything energy related excites her; Trapped emotions, Emotion code, Energy healing, Reiki and so on.
With a desire for everything there is to know, she lives her life with a holistic approach practicing Reiki, Mediation, Yoga & Self Love daily & continues to try new modalities to open up her passions, most recently participating with Drum circles & Goddess dances.
Powering through her fear of speaking in public due to years of being silenced with secrets, she is now choosing to nourish her power & push through boundaries to share her story with the hope to encourage, lift & inspire women to appreciate their voice, their story & their belief that their honesty is worth being heard. 

Find her on Instagram at  @SoniaJane.Energy.Inquisitive 

Jo Westwood


Jo is a life coach, author and the creator of the online co-dependence recovery course Lovingly Fierce. Jo is known for her fun, down to earth, no nonsense approach to helping you improve your life. She specialises in helping women escape from co-dependency, reclaim their lives with confidence and live Lovingly Fierce. She’s honoured to share her personal journey of codependent recovery with you at Rise.  


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